"Paul Suhler Part 1" Avstry #7a

We learn about the early days of the Archangel Project as well as the SR-71 Blackbird. And how these aircraft were designed and build to penetrate deep into foreign territory and return with vital intelligence.

Published Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2012

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Show Transcript

From Rainbow to Gusto: Stealth and the Design of the Lockheed Blackbird ://

Richard Sully Leghorn

Kelly Johnson (engineer)

Richard M. Bissell, Jr.,_Jr.

Edwin H. Land

Lockheed U-2

Project Rainbow

Ed Lovick

Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

Anechoic chamber

Convair Kingfish

Blip-to-scan ratio

Plan position indicator

Garrett AiResearch

Lockheed CL-400 Suntan


Goodyear Inflatoplane

"I've Got a Secret" - Inflatable 'Inflatoplane' Airplane

Pratt & Whitney J58

North American A-5 Vigilante

Pratt & Whitney JT12

Convair B-58 Hustler

Code One


Super Hustler, FISH, Kingfish, And Beyond (Part 1: Super Hustler)

Code One - Super Hustler

General Electric YJ93

René 41

Lockheed A-12

Lockheed D-21

Corona (satellite)

Henry Combs


Kelly More Than Share All

Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lockheed

Ed Lovick Radar Man

Miller, Jay, Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works: The Official History

The Online Blackbird Museum

Code One - FISH


Code One - Other

More Info

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Show Transcript